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Jocelyn Ali’s Book

This book is a stark and comprehensive account of the author’s life and the many ups and downs that she had to face. It details how she grew up in her native Dominican Republic and how her life went from smooth and normal to a rollercoaster of emotions and a truly telling tale of what a person can go through. It tells us of the struggles that her family suffered and how hereditary disease completely uprooted her family.

As the story progresses, readers learn about how the author had to immigrate to a different country and the subsequent struggles that she and her family faced which included racism, harassment, attempts at harassment, the loss of loved ones and her struggles when trying to get an education.

However not all is lost, and her life does begin to take a turn for the better and she eventually manages to finally climb out of all the suffering and live a normal life. This book is an eye-opener for many as they can see the harsh realities of life that most people have to live through and also see how consistent struggle and determination can help people overcome the toughest of issues.

Jocelyn’s Book

Blessed to Be Skipped

You can purchase your copy of “Blessed to Be Skipped” by clicking on your desired preference and start reading the amazing story of Jocelyn Ali. Everyone can have hope in their life regardless of how their past was.

Jocelyn’s Book

Blessed To Be Skipped

Written with great passion and devotion, this book can give us insight into the world as it actually is and show us what strength and resilience can help someone achieve.

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Chapters of Jocelyn’s Book

Blessed To Be Skipped

Below mentioned are some of the chapters of the book to help understand how the amazing story of Jocelyn Ali began and began a series of unfolding events in her life. Everything leads to her story becoming the main source of inspiration for many readers out there.