About the Author

Jocelyn Ali

The author of this book is an accounting professional who has worked in the health care field for almost two decades at the time of writing. Her story is one of pain, suffering, strength, determination, and an overall attitude of not giving up.

Her story is a harrowing tale of the atrocities and grief that a person, especially a woman, is put through in their efforts to live a normal life. For many years, these personal stories lived only in her memory but after much deliberation, she has finally managed to muster up the courage and valiantly compile her life events so that she may share her stories with the world. It was initially an absolutely terrifying thought for her but she considers it to be the final stretch on the road to her recovery.

She hopes that after reading this, the readers can learn from her experiences and try to avoid the mistakes she made and follow the decisions that guided her to success. It has been written with her heart and soul poured into it and is perhaps one of her proudest achievements.